Jason Johns

Jason Johns

Jason Johns is a partner in the Portland energy group. Jason focuses his practice on regional energy market issues–from NYISO to CAISO–as well as issues of national importance at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In addition to his independent power and utility practice, Jason also represents industrial customers in negotiating power and gas supply agreements, interstate transportation and local distribution agreements, and agreements for on-site energy services. This scope of practice helps Jason bring a broad perspective to any matter he faces.

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Stoel Rives Publishes White Papers on Transmission Development

I am proud to announce the publication of two white papers that focus on the issues of transmission development and broader issues facing renewable energy.  These white papers were written by attorneys at Stoel Rives and were prepared at the request of the Energy Foundation, a partnership of major foundations interested in sustainable energy.  The … Continue Reading

Puget Wind Integration Charge REJECTED.

With a swift 13-page order today, FERC rejected Puget Sound Energy’s proposed wind integration rate, stating that the rate was not shown to be “just and reasonable” under section 205 of the Federal Power Act.  “Changing system conditions, such as an increasing amount of wind generation described by Puget, present unique challenges that may require … Continue Reading

RFP for Renewable Resources.

NV Energy issued its Spring 2010 Request for Proposals seeking new renewable resources.  NV Energy hopes to use the RFP to meet its RPS requirement of serving 12% of retail load with renewable energy in 2010.  Bidders should also be aware that NV Energy’s non-refundable bid deposits have changed:  projects 10 MW of larger must submit a $10,000 deposit … Continue Reading

Southern California Public Power Authority RFP

Here’s a new opportunity for renewable energy developers.  The Southern California Public Power Authority has issued a request for proposals seeking renewable energy generation "with supporting infrastructure(s) as structured projects through (i) facility ownership; or (ii) power purchase agreement with ownership option(s), in one or more facilities."  SCPPA is a California joint powers authority that plans … Continue Reading

FERC Determines That Battery Storage Devices Qualify as Transmission Facilities. Is the Door Open for Other Energy Storage Devices?

In late January, FERC issued an order in response to a filing by Western Grid Development LLC that asked FERC to declare that Western Grid’s proposed battery storage devices are transmission facilities eligible for certain rate incentives.  Western Grid described its battery technology as 10 to 50 MW sodium sulfur batteries that would be installed at … Continue Reading

U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Third-Parties Challenging Energy Contract Rates Must Clear the Mobile-Sierra Hurdle

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an important ruling clarifying how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) must apply the Mobile-Sierra doctrine.  The Mobile-Sierra doctrine informs how FERC should evaluate whether a contract rate for energy is just and reasonable, and the doctrine provides that FERC’s sole concern should be whether the contract rates being challenged … Continue Reading

RFPs Galore.

The following RFPs for renewable energy and RECs came to my attention today. 1.  Dayton Power and Light Company is seeking to acquire up to 313,000,000 kWh of eligible RECs by 2013 in order to meet Ohio’s RPS requirements.  Deadline for submissions is August 7, 2009.  Click here for more information. 2.  The Western Area Power … Continue Reading

FERC Aims to Accelerate Smart Grid Deployment

On July 16, 2009, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a Policy Statement on smart grid technologies, providing guidance on future smart grid interoperability standards and establishing an interim incentive rate policy that applies to near-term smart grid deployments (even those used in pilot or demonstration projects).  Notably, FERC identified four technologies as being … Continue Reading

San Diego Gas & Electric Issues RFO for Renewable Resources

Today, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) issued a Request for Offers seeking eligible renewable resources that the utility will use to meet its California Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements.  Respondents may submit one or more of three alternative proposals: Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  Respondents are asked to propose a 10, 15, or 20-year PPA for … Continue Reading

Green Power Express Receives Green Light from FERC

On April 10, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved a request for various transmission infrastructure investment incentives submitted by Green Power Express LP (GPE), a transmission-only partnership that proposes to build a 765 kV "green superhighway" consisting of three interconnected loops in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.  GPE’s proposal will also extend radially … Continue Reading

A Superconductor Pipeline for Renewable Energy

Among all the interesting presentations at this month’s AWEA transmission and wind workshop, American Superconductor‘s presentation about developments with superconducting transmission lines was particularly noteworthy.  Superconducting direct current lines offer greater efficiency, as well as siting and aesthetics benefits, but have historically fallen victim to much higher costs when compared to traditional overhead transmission lines.  … Continue Reading