April 21 Presentation: Changes Coming with New FTC Green Guides

Stoel Rives attorney Jay Eckhardt will give a presentation on April 21 addressing the proposed new FTC Green Guides.  The presentation will focus on new FTC guidance and interpretations concerning renewable energy claims and carbon offset claims, as well as claims concerning renewable materials, and the use of green seals and certifications.  Going beyond the Guides - the presentation will also review  the broader enforcement environment.  The program is sponsored by the Sustainble Future and Antitust & Trade Regulation Sections of the Oregon State Bar, and the Green Business Initiative at the University of Oregon School of Law. 

For event details and logistics, click here.  Admission to the live event in downtown Portland, Oregon is free.  A telephone number and passcode will be provided for attendees unable to attend in person. 

For more information on reguation of environmental marketing, see the Stoel Rives Green Guides Resource Page.

Environmental Leader: Best Practices for Renewable Energy, Carbon Offset Claims

The online newspaper Environmental Leader recently published a column by Stoel Rives' Joseph Eckhardt, addressing rules in the FTC's proposed Green Guides that address green energy and carbon offset certification, entitled "New Green Guides Suggest Best Practices for Renewable Energy, Carbon Offset Claims." 

The article explains:  "The FTC's proposed, revised Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims . . . for the first time address the issue of marketing green energy and carbon offsets.  Producers, resellers, and consumers of 'green' certificates and credits should take notice."

Read the full column here.