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The Washington State House of Representatives Technology, Energy, and Communication Committee (TEC Committee) has asked the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (Commission) to provide to the State Legislature background information and detailed discussion of options to encourage the development of cost-effective distributed energy in areas served by investor-owned utilities, as well as the opportunities and challenges

For those interested in qualifying energy projects as “eligible renewable resources” under the Washington Energy Independence Act (EIA), the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) issued on June 7, 2011 an important new policy statement that provides processes by which utilities and developers may obtain either a non-binding or binding opinion regarding the eligibility of those

The second of two bills that would drastically impact the Washington State Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) was recently introduced in the Washington State Legislature.  HB 1890 would cut in half the amount of energy utilities are required to obtain from new renewable resources, and also allow them to offset renewable energy requirements with energy from fresh