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Stephen Hall is a partner in the Portland office of Stoel Rives LLP, and is the chair of the Firm’s Renewable Energy Initiative.

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White House Executive Order calls for 40 GW of new CHP capacity by 2020

Last week the White House issued an Executive Order calling for 40 GW of new CHP capacity by 2020: The Executive Order on Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency (also known as combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration) calls for federal agencies (including the Departments of Energy, Commerce and Agriculture), States, industrial companies … Continue Reading

RNP and AWEA respond to WSJ editorial about wind energy

Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal included an editorial by Robert Bryce titled "Wind Power Won’t Cool Down the Planet," claiming that wind power does not reduce carbon pollution, based on fossil fuel industry studies.  In response to Bryce’s editorial, Renewable Northwest Project has released a statement from Ken Dragoon, RNP research director, countering Bryce’s claims with facts from independent sources. ( American Wind Energy Association … Continue Reading

The Wind and Solar Power Industries Now Employ Twice the Number of Workers in the U.S. as the Coal Mining Industry

In the midst of an unprecedented amount of bad news surrounding the economy, the robust growth in employment in the wind and solar energy sectors has been receiving a lot of attention. Wind industry jobs have increased 70% over the past year, totaling 85,000 in 2008. These 85,000 jobs in the wind industry include some 13,000 manufacturing jobs, … Continue Reading

Oregon Public Utility Commission Gives Green Light to Third-party Ownership Model for Distributed Generation

Now for some good news. Today the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) issued an important decision giving a green light to companies seeking to own and operate solar and wind-powered distributed generation facilities. Third-party ownership of renewable distributed generation—especially solar—has really taken off in the past few years because it allows a utility customer to enjoy the … Continue Reading

Welcome to the Renewable + LawSM Blog

Greetings! On behalf of the Stoel Rives Renewable Energy Initiative, I would like to welcome you to our blog, Renewable + Law.SM We intend Renewable + LawSM to be a catalyst for lively discussion about renewable energy and climate policies, major renewable energy projects, emerging technologies, market developments, new laws, tax credits and industry scuttlebutt.      For … Continue Reading