Spurred by Ohio’s new renewable energy portfolio standard, Duke Energy Ohio is requesting proposals for renewable energy resources that would begin delivering energy in 2009-2012.   Duke is interested both in PPAs and asset acquisitions, and the resources must be able to deliver energy to the MISO grid.  Bids are due by August 8, 2008.

In Ohio,  "renewable energy resources" include solar PV, solar thermal, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, biogas, fuel cells, renewable power storage, and others.  Because Ohio’s RPS requires the state’s utilities to generate or acquire 50% of their renewable energy requirements from generation facilities located in Ohio, Duke will give preference to Ohio facilities. 

Although solar energy is often associated with the sunny southwestern United States, the Duke RFP shows that solar has a role to pay in the Midwest, where it can help to meet summer peak loads.  Duke plans to be taking delivery of 15,000 MWh of solar by 2012. 

Duke has established a web site for interested bidders