As part of an $825 billion stimulus plan to help revitalize the economy, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 (H.R. 598) was recently introduced in the House of Representatives. The Bill aims to shore up tax incentives and offer new grants that would facilitate the development of renewable energy projects. Highlights of the proposed legislation include an extension of the production tax credit (“PTC”) sunset date, an election between the PTC and the investment tax credit, project grants in lieu of tax credits for certain projects, and an extension of bonus depreciation through 2009.

Check out our recent client alert for more information on HR 598 and its implications for project financing. The House Ways and Means Committee began its markup of the Bill on Thursday, January 22. We will report further developments as the Bill progresses. If you’d like to receive Stoel Rives Energy Law Alerts, click here.