Within the last hour, it is being reported that Senate Democrats have reached an agreement with certain Republican Senators and the White House on the outlines of a compromise stimulus bill that can pass the Senate.  Although details are sketchy, apparently WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel met with Senate Democratic leaders and swing Republicans to hammer out the agreement.  It is being suggested that the bill, in its altered form, could be passed as early as tonight (Friday).


The Senate adjourned last evening without taking final action on the stimulus bill.  Senate leadership has speculated publicly that they currently do not have sufficient votes to pass the measure in its current form.

A group of 12 Senators — Democrats and Republicans — led by Susan Collins (R-ME) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) — have been working behind the scenes on an alternative proposal to address many concerns expressed by members.  This effort reportedly would strip as much as $100 billion from the bill.  While the group has, apparently, found it difficult to achieve a consensus on the proposal, the leadership decided it was important to give the group more time to work rather than continue floor debate.

Majority Leader Harry Reid has stated that the Senate would reconvene on Saturday morning.  Saturday sessions are fairly unusual and extremely unpopular among members.  As a result, it may be difficult for the Leader to make that happen.