On June 2, 2009, the Department of Energy ("DOE") issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement ("FOA") providing $24 million for the development of consortia between universities and industry to focus on critical wind energy challenges.

DOE intends on awarding two to three grants of $8-12 million.  The grants will be used to address two areas:

  • Partnerships for Wind Research and Turbine Reliability.  Universities in wind resource areas are encouraged to apply with industry partners to study major challenges facing today’s wind industry.  DOE is highly encouraging research in turbine reliability, but projects are eligible if they meet one or more challenges described in the 20% Wind Energy by 2030 report.
  • Wind Energy Research & Development.  Universities are encouraged to apply with industry partners for grants to fund R&D to advance material design, performance measurements, and analytical models related to wind energy development.  The goals of this research shall be to improve power systems operations, wind turbine and/or component manufacturing, and interdisciplinary systems integration.

Applicants interested in either area must file a letter of intent by June 16, 2009 and FOA applications are due by July 29, 2009.



On June 19, 2009, DOE announced an extension to the deadline for submittal of a letter of intent for this program.  Letters of intent must now be submitted by June 29, 2009.  Applications are due on July 29, 2009.