Vermont has enacted into law legislation that establishes minimum rates to be paid by electric customers for certain renewable energy sources in long-term fixed-price contracts. 

Key elements of the bill include a project size cap of 2.2 MW, for a total program cap of 50 MW, a specified contract term of 20 years (except solar contracts, which will be 25 years), and tariffs in the following amounts: wind energy projects less than 15 kW, $0.20/kWh; landfill and biogas, $0.12/kWh; solar, $0.30/kWh; and wind projects greater than 15 kW, hydropower, or other biomass, a formula using the state’s average residential electricity rate.  A regulatory examination of the tariffs will begin by September 15, 2009, with new rates to be set by January 15, 2010.