On Friday August 28, Eric Lindeman of The Energy Daily will be moderating a webinar about "Advanced Biofuels: What Are the Commercial Possibilities?  Why All the Interest in Algae?"  My partner, the always-entertaining John Eustermann, will be speaking at the Webinar along with Connie Lausten (VP, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs, New Generation Biofuels (NGBF)) and Glenn Johnston (VP, Regulatory Affairs, GEVO, Inc.).  You can sign up for the Webinar at http://www.theenergydaily.com/events/bio_fuels_webinar/

Stoel Rives recently published its new "Law of Algae", a guide to the business and legal issues affecting the development of a commercial scale algae biofuels facility. We’ve introduced The Law of Algae in an on-line “wiki” format because the processes, technologies, and issues are changing rapidly with the commercialization of algae.  The wiki format enables us to update the book frequently to bring you the most current information, so feel free to stop by often!