From our colleague, Jerry Chiang:

The United States and China signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) on July 28, 2009, detailing the partnership between the two countries on climate change, energy, and the environment. The MOU commits both countries to reaching a successful international agreement that will address climate and energy issues. It also provides for cooperation in confronting climate change and developing, promoting, and implementing energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart grid technologies, electric vehicles, and other energy technologies.

The United States and China will have ongoing conversations on what each nation is doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to further international climate negotiations in preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December.

Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy, remarked at the signing ceremony, “Both of our countries understand the importance of clean energy for our economies and for our security. Both of us understand the imperative of fighting climate change. What the U.S. and China do in the coming decades will help shape the fate of the world . . . . Today’s agreement should send a clear signal that the United States and China are ready to work together on clean energy and climate change.”

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