My partner Eric Grasberger and I were recently interviewed for an article in the Oregon State Bar Bulletin (October 2009) entitled "Advancing the New Economy: Oregon Lawyers Embrace Sustainability," by Barry Woods.  The article, which we’ve summarized here, provides an interesting take on how lawyers at Stoel Rives and other law firms are integrating concepts of sustainability into their practices, their business and their personal lives.  Eric, for example, is a leading green building lawyer and was inpsired by his experience to buy a LEED Gold certified home. 

The article prompted Seattle partner Ken Odza to alert me to another sustainability event, which is a little off the topic of Renewable + Law but likely to be of interest to many who follow this Blog  Ken, who is a food products litigator at Stoel Rives, has organized a series of three complimentary Webinars entitled "Bringing Environmentally Sustainable Food Products to Market."  The first interactive session will discuss "Where to Start? Developing and Financing Sustainable Food Products" and will be held at Noon EDT/9am PST on Tuesday, October 20, 2009.  Ken will moderate a panel of experts including Steven Rowe, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Darigold, Inc.;  Karen Karp, President, Karp Resources, New York City; Monica Gelinas, Senior Consultant, Karp Resources, New York City; Duff Bryant, Corporate Finance Lawyer, Stoel Rives, Seattle; and Joel Dahlgren, Cooperative Finance Lawyer, Stoel Rives, Minneapolis  For more information about these free Webinars, click here