My colleague Graham Noyes and Clayton McMartin of Clean Fuels Clearinghouse recently published a white paper on the massive and staggeringly complex revision of the federal Advanced Fuel Standard (RFS) issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on February 3, 2010. Graham and Clayton describe how this second generation renewable fuel initiative (RFS2) will bring industry and government together in ways never before experienced by the fuels industry.

With a view to helping market participants develop comprehensive cost/benefit and compliance strategies, Graham and Clayton structure their discussion according to the following key topics:

  1. Legal background and new statutory requirements of RFS2;
  2. Compliance implications of updates to the Renewable Identification Numbers (“RINS”) process; and
  3. Issues important to particular market participants, including producer obligations, new fuel pathways, importer issues and RIN trading economics.

Download a free copy of the Renewable Fuel Standard/RFS2 White Paper (PDF)