A quick follow up on my post last month regarding my colleague Graham Noyes’ white paper on the EPA’s sweeping revision of the federal Advanced Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2). On April 20, Graham and his co-author Clayton McMartin will participate in a live Q&A webinar with Biofuels Journal publisher Myke Feinman on the new RFS2. Topics will include:

• The Four Categories of Fuel under RFS2

• Why All Producers Must Register Their Facilities

• What RINs will be Reinstated, Why, How, and When

• Lifecycle Analysis (GHG) and the Impact on Biofuel Markets

• Integration of RFS1 and RFS2

• Sweeping Changes in the RIN Program with RFS2

• Violations and Penalties

• The Seven Types of RINs

• The "Nesting" of Standards and the Potential Impact on Business

• EPA’s New Role with the Moderated Transaction System (EMTS)

Registration and participation in the webinar is FREE. Click here to register for the advanced renewable fuel standard (RFS2) webinar with Biofuels Journal.