Several deadlines relating to the implementation of RFS2 are rapidly approaching and should be strictly followed by renewable fuel producers to avoid loss of the value of RINs under the new system. Producers who miss the registration deadline of July 1, 2010 will be unable to generate RINs until they have completed the registration process and 60 days have passed. Thus, a producer who completes registration on July 2 will not be able to generate RINs until September 1.


All producers must provide the following registration documents to EPA by the July 1 deadline:

  • Engineering Review of the Facility – this must be done by a third-party qualified engineering firm and meet RFS2 requirements.
  • Process Heat Fuel Supply Plan – this plan is required, as process heat is one of the aspects of plant performance that EPA considers in evaluating GHG performance.
  • Records of actual production or copies of applicable air permits to allow EPA to determine the facility’s baseline volume.

For producers who use yard waste, food waste or the biogenic portion of municipal solid waste as their feedstock, a feedstock plan must also be submitted.

Additional RFS2 compliance information is available on the RFS website:

In addition to the registration requirements, deadlines are also approaching regarding the technical amendments EPA promulgated to RFS2, published in the Federal Register on May 10 at Volume 75, No. 89, page 26026. The EPA published these amendments, some of which have generated controversy, through the use of a direct final rule. To request a public hearing, commenters must provide notice to EPA by May 25, 2010. Adverse comments must be filed no later than June 9, 2010. Further details and the technical amendments are available at