My partner Seth Hilton will be presenting on Tuesday March 1st on Tradable Renewable Energy Credits in California.

Tradable Renewable Energy Credits in California
Tuesday, March 1 at 12:00 p.m. CST/ 10:00 a.m. PST

In January, 2011, the California Public Utilities Commission lifted its moratorium on the use of Tradable Renewable Energy Credits for compliance with California’s 20% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). However, the CPUC imposed a cap on the use of TRECs, limiting the amount that California’s three largest investor-owned utilities and their energy service providers can use to reach RPS.

In addition, The California Air Resources Board adopted regulations to implement a 33% Renewable Energy Standard last year, and intends to harmonize its RES with the limits on TRECs adopted by the CPUC.

Join a panel of esteemed energy experts, including Stoel Rives Partner Seth Hilton, for an engaging discussion of where California is headed with a 33% RPS, the use of TRECs, and how regulated TRECs will affect the REC market.