Through industry presentations and publications as well as through our blog, our energy attorneys are dedicated to helping you stay informed and knowledgeable about legal developments that affect your business.

Visit our website for the latest calendar of events. Upcoming highlights include:

Distributed Solar Summit 2011
November 30-December 2 – San Diego, CA
This event is a unique opportunity for the entire distributed solar community to connect and discuss successful strategies for funding distributed solar projects. Stoel Rives attorneys Morten Lund and Brian Nese will moderate discussion panels covering “The California Market – Market Environment and Business Opportunities,” “Asset and Portfolio Capital Providers’ Appetite for Investing in Distributed Solar,” and “EPC/Installers Views on Contracting Relationships.” As a sponsor, Stoel Rives is offering a 15% registration discount with code 118926.

Siting & Permitting Renewable Energy Projects in the West
December 7-9 – San Diego, CA
On December 8 hear Tim McMahan co-present “Impact of the Endangered Species Act, NEPA and Other Environmental Legislation on Current and Planned Projects,” and Tim Taylor participate in the discussion panel “Strategies for Working Successfully with the Regulators to Get Projects Permitted and Developed.” Wayne Rosenbaum will chair the Pre-Conference Workshop on December 7.

Hydropower’s Evolving Role in Western Power Grid Reliability
December 12-13 – Sacramento, CA
Join Stoel Rives attorneys Chad Marriott, Bill Holmes and Barbara Brenner for one of the year’s most important hydroelectric power events. On December 13, Bill Holmes will present "Storage: How Changing Policies and Technologies Influence Hydropower Utilization," and Chad Marriott will present "Recognizing the Role of Small Hydro in the West."

US-China Wind 2011: Building Strategic Cooperation
December 13-15 – San Francisco, CA
Join Stoel Rives’ Mike Mangelson, William Clydesdale, David Benson, and Ed Einowski as they examine the factors driving developments of the US and Chinese wind power markets. Mike Mangelson will serve as the pre-summit chair, at which time William Clydesdale will present “Negotiating the Joint Venture Agreement.” During the main summit, chaired by Ed Einowski, David Benson will present “Alternative Financing Structures.” As the Platinum Sponsor of this event, Stoel Rives is offering a 15% registration discount with code 116011.

2012 Pacific West Biomass Conference & Trade Show
January 16-18 – San Francisco, CA
This event focuses on biomass utilization in the western US, and brings together area producers of biomass-derived electricity, heat, and power with waste generators, utility executives, equipment manufacturers, and more. On January 16, Lee N. Smith will moderate the discussion panel "Capitalizing on Energy Rich Waste Streams and Technical Approaches for their More Varied Conversion," and Greg Jenner will serve as a panelist for "Capitalization Strategies in Challenging Financial Environment." Stoel Rives is a proud sponsor of this event.

Projects & Money 2012
January 18-20 – New Orleans, LA
Stoel Rives is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for this one-stop meeting center for project professionals working to kick off their project finance plans. Stoel Rives attorney David Benson will be in attendance, and Stoel Rives attorney Julia Pettit will moderate the discussion panel "Buying and Selling Project Assets (Project M&A)" on January 19. Stoel Rives is pleased to offer a 10% registration discount with code 120366.

Wind & Solar Integration Summit
January 18-20 – Scottsdale, AZ
Stoel Rives attorneys Stephen Hall and Bill Holmes come together with policy makers, transmission owners and operators, and renewable energy developers to network and exchange valuable information about operational changes and their impact on distributed solar and grid-scale wind energy. Bill Holmes will serve as Summit Chair, and Stephen Hall will present "Approaches to Handling Environmental Redispatch and Curtailment.”

PV Project Due Diligence Requirements
January 23-24 – San Diego, CA
Hear Stoel Rives attorney Howard Susman present "Project Contractual Relationships" on Monday, January 23 as he covers such issues as PPAs, financing, siting and permitting, and more.

Next Generation Bio-Based Chemicals Summit
January 23-26 – San Diego, CA
Join Stoel Rives attorneys David Quinby, Christopher Voss and Jere Webb for this innovative biotech/biofuels event with a comprehensive, in-depth focus on sustainably sourced chemicals — and the platforms, resources, business models and tools required to deliver them. Stoel Rives is a Platinum Sponsor for this event.

EUEC 2012
January 30-February 1 – Phoenix, AZ
See over 600 professional presentations on 12 specialized tracks, and browse over 200 exhibits. Allison Smith will present "Strategies for Complying with Current GHG Regulations in California,” and Kristen Castaños will present "Utility-Scale Solar Projects in California – The Keys to Development Permits in Desert Areas and on Farmland."

Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit
February 8-10 – San Diego, CA
Join Ed Einowski and members of the Stoel Rives Wind team as they participate in one of the best deal-making and networking events in the wind industry. Stoel Rives is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for this event.

Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit
February 27-March 1 – San Diego, CA
Join Stoel Rives attorneys Howard Susman, Julia Pettit, David Benson, Morten Lund and Greg Jenner to learn about putting together solar power project deals. Hear investors discuss their future plans and what they seek when getting involved in deals in 2012 and beyond. David Benson will Chair, Julia Pettit will moderate, “The Buying and Selling of Distributed Solar Projects,” and Morten Lund will moderate, “Financing 2-20 MW Scale Projects.” Stoel Rives is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at this event.