The Department of Energy ("DOE") has released $12.93 million to fund geologic sequestration training and research. $7.93 million is available for awards to all universities, colleges, and college-affiliated research institutes and $5 million is available for awards to historically black colleges and universities or other minority institutes listed on the Office of Civil Rights’s accredited post secondary minorities institution list. 

Individual awards will be made across five areas of interest:

  1. Simulation and Risk Assessment
  2. Monitoring, Verification, and Accounting
  3. Well Completion, stimulation, and Integrity
  4. Capture and Transport- including pipeline transport and pre-combustion capture
  5. Post-Combustion capture- including oxy-combustion capture

DOE anticipates awarding 42 awards ranging from $100,000 to $300,000 to fund research projects involving field projects for hands-on training opportunities.