Stoel Rives attorneys Geoff Revelle and Jerry Chiang have written a detailed analysis of how foreign investors and companies can take advantage of China’s $4 trillion RMB stimulus package. Enacted in November 2008, the package focuses on 10 sectors of the Chinese economy, including rural infrastructure and health care, with the goals of creating jobs and increasing China’s GDP.

Revelle and Chiang note that while the main beneficiaries of the stimulus funding are government-owned or privately-owned Chinese companies, opportunities for foreign companies will still emerge in areas such as high-tech products and value-added services that Chinese firms cannot provide. In his analysis, Revelle provides an overview of investing in China, a review of the major sectors of the Chinese economy targeted by the stimulus package, and best practices recommendations for foreign companies interested in China’s stimulus funding.

Revelle has also prepared a PowerPoint on the topic, which can be found at