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China’s Renewable Policy Shift and its Global Implications

On June 1, 2018, only two days after the completion of 12th SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference, the world’s biggest solar conference and a central gathering of all the Chinese PV manufacturers, the Chinese central government announced a nation-wide solar subsidy cut that resulted in the Chinese solar stocks tumbling with the falling range … Continue Reading

The Impact of Increased U.S. Import Tariffs for Solar Cells and Modules of Chinese Origin

A legal update from our colleague Gary Glisson: United States importers and purchasers of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules (“solar cells”) now face increased prices when sourcing their supplies from China. A recent order issued by the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration imposing an antidumping duty rate of 250% tariff against the Chinese … Continue Reading

Stoel Rives Partners to Present Wind Project Development Case Study at Chinese Wind Conference in Beijing

Stoel Rives Partners Alan Merkle, Ed Einowski and Michael Mangelson will participate in the upcoming Workshop on Investment in U.S. Wind Energy by Chinese Companies, held in Beijing, China on June 30, 2011. The opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between U.S. and China wind power industries have become increasingly profitable.  Now more than ever it’s … Continue Reading

Chinese Language Edition of Stoel Rives Law of Wind Guide Now Available

We are pleased to announce for our Chinese readers the publication of a new Chinese translation of the Stoel Rives Law of Wind guide. Purposed for Chinese investors and companies exploring business opportunities in the U.S. wind energy market, the guide covers such issues as real property procedures, permitting requirements, EPC agreements, project finance, tax, … Continue Reading

Bar on Military Purchases of Chinese Solar Panels

In a blow to China’s position as the world’s dominant producer of solar panels, the new military authorization law  prevents the Defense Department from buying Chinese-made solar panels, but allows it to buy solar panels from any country that has signed the W.T.O.’s side agreement on government procurement. The W.T.O. Government Procurement Agreement, which requires free trade in government purchases, … Continue Reading

Show Me the RMBs: Analysis of Foreign Investment Opportunities in China’s Stimulus Package

Stoel Rives attorneys Geoff Revelle and Jerry Chiang have written a detailed analysis of how foreign investors and companies can take advantage of China’s $4 trillion RMB stimulus package. Enacted in November 2008, the package focuses on 10 sectors of the Chinese economy, including rural infrastructure and health care, with the goals of creating jobs and increasing … Continue Reading

Western Governors Consider Regional and National Polices Regarding Global Climate Change

At the Western Governors’ Association Annual Meeting on June 15, 2009, the Western Governors heard a sobering  and candid report from Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, which, at its core, indicated that climate change is real and happening faster than scientists previously warned.  According to Secretary Chu, "the news is getting scary . . . … Continue Reading