$47 million in grants has been awarded under the DOE’s ARRA stimulus program towards existing projects that are advancing grid technologies. 


 The awardees include:

·       Zenergy Power which will receive $8.1 million for its power surge technology.

·       American Superconductor is to receive about $12.4 million for two separate projects to develop its power surge technology.

·       Fort Collins, Colorado, was awarded $4.84 million for its peak load reduction technology. 

·       Consolidated Edison received $5.63 million award to develop and demonstratetrue interoperability between an energy delivery firmand retail electric consumers in New York. 

·       The Illinois Institute of Technology is to receive $5.4 million to develop and demoa flexible system geared to the needs of the end-user. 

·       The University of Hawaii, Manoa-Hawaii Natural Energy Institute was awarded$5.55 million to explore the management of distribution system resources.

·        The University of Nevada, Las Vegas was awarded $5.7 million for distributed generation.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech) also won a $1.3 million initiative to develop and maintain a website that will  answer questions from the public and distribute information about smart grid.