On March 11, 2010, I posted a blog about the U.S. Department of Energy’s (the "DOE") upcoming Funding Opportunity Announcement ("FOA") for hydrokinetic technology development.  The DOE issued a Notice of Intent announcing the FOA earlier that week.  To access the Notice of Intent, click here, and enter "hydrokinetic" in the search field. 

The DOE was expected to issue the FOA by March 31, 2010.  This blog is intended as a reminder that all interested parties should make sure they have followed the necessary steps to apply or submit questions regarding the FOA.  For official procedures, see the Notice of Intent.

To respond to FOAs, either as an applicant to to submit questions, parties must first be registered with FedConnect.  In order to register for FedConnect, a party must:

  • Have a Duns and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (a "DUNS Number").  If you do not know your company’s DUNS Number or if your company does not have one, you can search for it or request one here; and
  • Be registered with the Central Contractor Registry (the "CCR").  If you are not currently registered for the CCR, you can register at the CCR website.

If you are the first person to register in your company for FedConnect, you will need your company’s CCR MPIN.  If your company is already registered with the CCR, then you can find out who has your CCR MPIN by going to the CCR website and clicking "Search CCR."  A company’s CCR must be updated annually.  To update your company’s CCR, visit the CCR renewal website.

NOTE:  CCR and FedConnect registration can take at least 21 days to complete.  Since the DOE is expecting a quick turnaround on the FOA once it is released, interested parties should begin the registration process as soon as possible.