The DOE announced today that it will provide up to $11 million over three years for improving the conversion via pyrolysis of non-food biomass to biofuels, that can use the existing fueling infrastructure. (Pyrolosis is the process that decomposes biomass using heat without oxygen to produce bio-oil.)


Successful applications for projects will (among other things):


  • Address how to make corrosive bio-oils compatible with the current infrastructure
  • Catalytically de-oxygenate the molecular fragments in bio-oils
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce a liquid transportation hydrocarbon fuel that can be blended at up to 30 percent by weight with petroleum fuels, or produce an upgraded bio-oil compatible with existing petroleum refining unit operations
  • Include an analysis of greenhouse gas reductions using the applicant’s technology

DOE anticipates selecting three to four projects under this announcement and will require a minimum of 20% cost share from applicants. Eligible applicants include universities, national laboratories, or companies.


The deadline for the applications is July 9, 2010. Go to for a copy of the funding opportunity and application.