The U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) today announced up to $20 million for research, development, and demonstration of cutting-edge geothermal technologies. DOE want projects that demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of certain non-conventional geothermal energy technologies, such as low-temperature fluids, geothermal fluids recovered from oil and gas wells, and highly pressurized geothermal fluids.

Specifically, the funds will be allocated to research in the following areas:


  • Low-temperature geothermal fluids at temperatures up to 300° Fahrenheit (F) or approximately 150° Celsius (C).
  • Geothermal fluids produced from productive, unproductive, or marginal oil and gas wells, mining operations or other hydrocarbon or mineral extraction processes.
  • Highly pressurized or "geopressured" fluid resources that show potential for cost-effective recovery of heat, kinetic energy, and gas.
  • Innovative cooling systems; systems with more efficient heat exchanging materials or systems that maximize energy output through a combination of electricity generation and direct-heat technologies.

All US entities are eligible including universities, nonprofit and for-profit private entities, State and local governments and federally funded contractors. The cost share is 20%. Applications are due July 9, 2010.


The complete funding opportunity announcement can be viewed here: