From our colleague Morten Lund:

On July 29, the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) issued a ruling lifting a prior temporary hold on certain applications under the California Solar Initiative (“CSI”). The CPUC had on July 9 placed a hold on new CSI applications for PBI projects and government/non-profit projects pending comments on certain proposed program changes. Generally, the CPUC and the State of California are concerned over the costs of the program going forward, despite the fact that the program provides ever decreasing incentives as more capacity is installed. But the condition that California finances are in has state regulators in all agencies looking closely at programs that dispense funds to try and find ways to cut such expenditures.

In the July 29 ruling, Commissioner Peevey declared that the temporary hold created an “unacceptable level of market disruption,” and that the temporary hold was therefore lifted. All applications submitted during the hold will be processed, and new applications accepted.

The July 29 ruling can be found on the CPUC’s website here:
The July 9 ruling can be found on the CPUC’s website here: