Last year, we reported on the resolution of a longstanding dispute between Xcel Energy and 46 renewable energy generators about the ownership of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) when the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is silent. In an Order released September 9, 2010, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission decided that 1) generators own the RECs produced under PPAs signed under the 1978 federal Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA) and 2) Xcel owns the RECs produced under PPAs signed under Minnesota’s 1994 wind and biomass mandates, unless the generator could demonstrate that the PPA was not silent. Today, the Commission released an Order offering more clarity to PPAs in the latter category.

Following the September 2010 Order, two generators (St. Paul Cogeneration LLC and Mission Funding Zeta) with contracts under the wind and biomass mandates sought to demonstrate to the Commission that their PPAs were not silent on REC ownership. Both PPAs at issue contained language allocating to the generator the benefit of “any tax credits, allowances or other credits” related to the generation facility. In today’s order, the Commission determined that this language unambiguously includes RECs. As a result, the Commission found that St. Paul Cogeneration and Mission Funding Zeta own the RECs under the terms of their PPAs.  The Commission also found that Xcel owns the RECs under any remaining unsettled wind and biomass mandate PPAs, unless the generator demonstrates that the PPA is not silent within 30 days.