Today, Xcel Energy filed its 2016 – 2030 Integrated Resource Plan.  Xcel Energy’s proposal is fairly significant in scope – it proposes to cut CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030, add new renewable and natural gas generating resources, and lay the stage for reforming the resource planning process conistent with its framework filing and proposals from the e21 Initiative.  Specifically, Xcel Energy’s preferred plan contains the following elements:

  • Add approximately 1,800 MW of wind resources;
  • Add approximately 1,700 MW of utility-scale solar resources;
  • Add approximately 1,750 MW of natural gas peaking resources;
  • Operate the carbon-free, baseload nuclear plants through at least 2030;
  • Operate Sherco Units 1 and 2 at reduced levels through 2030;
  • Extend the life of Blue Lake Units 1-4 an additional four years through 2023; and
  • Modify the procedural review process by inviting stakeholder participation in modeling discussions prior to the traditional discovery and comment processes. 

The assumptions underlying this proposal, as well as other parties’ proposed alternatives, will be debated over the next year.