From our colleague Jason Johns:

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will host a technical conference on March 2 to discuss the challenges of integrating large amounts of variable generation into wholesale markets and the grid. The Commission is also asking for innovative proposals that will help accomplish such large integration. Notably, the conference could hardly occur at a more appropriate time, as wind installation grew by 8,358 MW in the US in 2008 (more than gas-fired capacity) and certain regions of the country are hotly debating the costs of putting wind on the grid. Conference panelists will include Don Furman (Iberdrola Renewables), Brian Parsons and Brendan Kirby (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Bob Kahn (Northwest & Intermountain Power Producers Coalition) and Steve Oliver (Bonneville Power Administration, which put its first wind integration charge in place in 2008).

The technical conference is available by free webcast.