I am proud to announce the publication of two white papers that focus on the issues of transmission development and broader issues facing renewable energy.  These white papers were written by attorneys at Stoel Rives and were prepared at the request of the Energy Foundation, a partnership of major foundations interested in sustainable energy.  The Energy Foundation was launched in 1991 by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.  

Both papers focus on the challenge of developing U.S. transmission infrastructure and capacity, particularly in the West.  In The Way Forward:  Why Transmission Right Sizing and Federal Bridge Financing Hold the Key to Western Renewable Resource Development, the authors (Marcus Wood, Pam Jacklin, and myself) consider economy-of-scale and environmental impact concepts and their application to the sizing of transmission facilities.  The authors also argue for a significant overhaul of current financing and cost recovery mechanisms in order to provide a pathway for greater development of renewable energy resources.  You can download a copy of The Way Forward by clicking here.

In Uncork That Transmission Bottleneck:  A Legislative and Technological Roadmap for Tapping the West’s Vast Renewable Energy Resources, the authors examine broader issues affecting renewable energy development.  This white paper proposes a number of policy goals that could drive transmission development in the West and on a national level.  You can download a copy of Uncork That Transmission Bottleneck by clicking here.

 We hope that you enjoy these papers.